Binance P2Pro Merchant Program

Exclusive program for licensed partners

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Binance P2P provides a safe platform to conduct crypto trades in 300+ payment methods and 70+ fiat currencies. Users can easily buy, sell and trade crypto directly with other users, while setting their preferred prices and payment methods in an open crypto marketplace.

Discover how you can benefit from PRO status

Special ÔÇťPROÔÇŁ Badge

Users will be able to recognize your partner status by the ÔÇťPROÔÇŁ badge placed next to your username.

Customized Profile Page

Customized Profile Page with your company Logo, to build your brand around and help you stand out amongst your competition.

Biggest P2P crypto

Benefit of user traffic from the world's biggest P2P crypto exchange platform and increase your sales.

Dedicated client support

As a P2Pro merchant you will benefit from individual support from our experienced team.
Our team will provide you with express handling of appeals through additional communication channel, extra features for your account, and lower fees.

Apply for PRO merchant account

Are you an existing P2P merchant or new client with existing crypto-license and extensive experiense in P2P trading?
Please apply for our program for professional local exchangers and enjoy all the benefits of PRO merchant status on leading peer-to-peer platform!

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